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Digital Art

I draw traditionally on paper (usually using normal pencils, though I prefer mechanical) and scan the drawings in to ink, color, and shade them on the computer. Sometimes I'll use a tablet, but I like having a hard copy of my work. The oldest pieces of art will be to the bottom left, with the most recent to the top right.

Many of these artworks are available on items like t-shirts and stickers in my online store, Love and Kittens. =)

Want your own? Commission me!









Want your own? Commission me!

I take commissions, so if you want me to draw something for you, send me an e-mail (found on the About page). Here are the prices:

  • $4 - Lineart
  • $6 - Above shoulders/chest, colored
  • $8 - Full body colored with simple background
  • $10 - Full body colored plus more detailed background
Both Paypal and all major cards are accepted.

Check out the art and graphics I've made for my games, too!

Fanart made for me

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