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Reviews for The Little Tornado that Couldn't

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One of my highest-rated ATM. Nice!
Rating: ?
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Loved it :)
Congratulations, you win a Supmaster award :D
(I haven't given one of those in a long time)
Rating: ?
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I love the game even though I cant beat the boss.
Also it seems perfect for a mobile game.
Rating: ?
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It is a wonderful game. The voice acting is hilarious. I would love to see more work from both of you!
Rating: ?
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slayer 64

if i had a girlfriend, i'd be such a happy little tornado.
the game was nice, i had some trouble with the boss.
i liked the custom sound effects, you don't see those too often. i can see the snidr's gravity at work.

i gave it another play, i think the help menus should not disappear on a timer. i think that's the only thing to improve.
Rating: ?
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A very fun game. I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. And I love the rain shower sound effects. Hope you didn't get the microphone too wet when you recorded them.

Like Lolligirl said in the game topic, the tornado borrows a bit from Katamari Damacy -- but this game definitely has a uniqueness and charm all its own. I like the casual gameplay and light-hearted spirit here. Well done, you guys.
Rating: 3rd place
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Neat little game, a little tricky on the controls at first but I quite liked it.
Rating: 5th place
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Yet another great, down to earth and just plain fun hit. Loved it from beginning to end.
Rating: 2nd place
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Took a little to work out how to play, but this was charming, fun, and touching. Expand on it! Please!
Rating: 2nd place
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I thought from the screenshots that I would dislike this game. When in motion, the art style is really quite awesome. As soon as I collected the first item, I thought of Katamari Damacy. The gameplay was simple, yet addictive, and I enjoyed watching myself grow in size. On the way back to where I started, I collected many things that were not initially collectable, due to my gigantic size. I was actually disappointed when I stopped growing, for I really wanted to pick up the boulder at the beginning. I don't really have much else to say. This game was executed well and I really enjoyed it. Good job to the both of you.
Rating: 19.5/25, 6th place
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Rating: 63/100, 8th place
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This game is not only polished, but also original, stylistic and unique. It really stands out this jam as being one of the best entries. I feel sorry for those people who got error messages.
Rating: 3rd place
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I loved this. Great style, graphics, everything. The only problem is that I got an error when I died at the boss.
Rating: 3rd place
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Rating: 86.8/100, 5th place
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Great entry, Loved the music and the sound effects were hilarious. Gameplay was very simple and I couldn't really tell if there was a difference in throwing a house or a flower at someone. It seemed the strength of the throw was more important. Graphics were also very nice. 88/100
Rating: 88/100, 2nd place
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Great game! The idea is awesome, a friendly tornado. I like how you slowly get bigger and bigger and can move or pick up bigger and bigger objects. There's also a wide variety of things to pick up: cows, chickens, flowers, fence posts, and I even picked up an old lady on two occasions. The game has a nice happy feeling. The sound effects and music, as well as the graphics style, add to that feeling. I like the attention to detail. The eyes on some hills look at you and the tornado frowns when he gets hurt. Nice graphics. I especially like the terrain system and the way the view rotates when you move to match the terrain angle. Good use of theme and handicap! There's not much for me to criticize here, except an error that I got when I died while fighting the boss. I tried twice to beat the boss, but the second time I got that error, which I aborted from. I stopped playing there. But I really liked what I played!
Rating: 2nd place
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Interesting game. I liked the graphics and music, and the concept is unique. However, the game was rather confusing and got dull pretty quickly. Good concept though
Rating: 24th place
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Design - 13/20 Most things look good and polished, but there are a few objects that look poor.

Gameplay - 16/20 Interesting gameplay mechanics make this game fun to tackle. I felt like the boss is too overpowered and quite unbeatable (I surely haven`t managed to beat him).

Sound - 17/20 Funny voices and catchy music set the tone for the weird adventures of our tornado.

Fun factor - 17/20 I love how everyone is so happy around here. The granny is probably my favorite object to throw, I love the sound cues when you pick her / throw her.

Innovation - 15/20 The theme is not really present here, I fail to see the boss tornado as the work of a disaster.

Overall - 78/100
Rating: 78/100, 3rd place
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An excellent, humorous entry I was playing it for ages. It's original, had good graphics and good sound effects. I got to the big boss tornado thing but died a crap load of times because he's just way too hard to beat. I'd love to know what happens afterwards, but it's still a great game.
Rating: 80/100, 5th place
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Super cool use of physics, this game was made in such a different way then I'm used to. Very intriguing. I love how you grow and pickup greater objects.
Rating: 40/40, 1st place
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Rating: 20/24, 13th place
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Really liked the concept on this one. A friendly tornado...
Cutesy/upbeat visuals & moozak. Felt like I was drunk & on drugs just playing it. Liked the smooth scrolling/rotation. Liked the overall happy groove. Nice interpretation/twist of theme.
Had no idea really what I was doing/what I was meant to do on this wonderful journey. Part of the charm I guess.
Rating: 2nd place
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This is a funny happy game. It fits the theme and it is fun to play.
Rating: 8/10
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