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Reviews for Race Friends

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Superb effects and great handling. I really started enjoying the game after the first level. Hard is way too difficult.
Rating: 4/5 stars
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Richie Fahy

Great game fun to play, simple and to the point racer! Good work guys!
Rating: 4/5 stars
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Fantastic game. Makes me want to whip out the N64 for some Super Mario Kart action... except I don't need to because I get it all right here. For whatever reason I couldn't go to the next level with space bar and had to get out of the level complete overlay with esc; taking me out of the game. Also, I am very certain I've heard that love bump sound clip somewhere before.
Rating: 5/5 stars
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Can this be for mac? Unfortunately having a mac limits the games I can play on here. :T This game looks really fun, so it would be great to have for mac! Thank you.
Rating: 5/5 stars
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wow... its now one of my favourite games :)
its just so... fun!
maybe add 2 players mode?
been playing it for an hour now and cant stop o.0

Edit: played it again o.0 got so addicted.
what a shame that i cant play it on fullscreen...
Rating: 5/5 stars
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You got to be kidding me. This has a great Mario kart feeling and one of the best racing games I've tried in a very long while, the drift mechanic makes the part where most racing games fail the biggest strenght of this! Very well done.
Rating: 5/5 stars
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love it
Rating: 4/5 stars
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Very nice game. It's fantastic. Great job! I give it a 4 out of 5 only because of the controls. I think turning feels awkward and when i put on the breaks to turn I don't drift like i feel i should. It's i minor complaint. Don't take it to hard. I really think everything else is amazing.
Rating: 4/5 stars
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WOOOOOO!! This was so much fun! I didn't see any bugs, or bad stuff. The artwork is pretty good... and the 3D is phenomenal! It's hard to believe that you made this in 72 hours! Keep up the good work! ^.^
Rating: 5/5 stars
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This game is fantastic. It was genuinely fun, I caught mysef flashing my teeth I smiled so hard while playing this! The graphics and 3d is awesome, and the controls are some of the tightest I've come across! You can jump right into the game, and become comfortabe with the controls in mere seconds, highly intuitive!
I'll just mention it, but I'm sure this is something you're already planning on doing; more items. Also, this would be so much fun to play against other people, an online vs mode would be realy cool!

Oh, also the characters "Gul" and "Lilla" is definately a scandinavian tongue(possibly multiple)...... Norway!
Rating: N/A
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This is an impressive game!

The awesome:
- I love the race tracks with all the twisty twirly loops and stuff. Must have been tricky to program vehicle physics to drive on them.
- Do I see the use of shaders here? Sphere-mapped reflections, motion blur, and toon lighting?
- Nice cartoony graphics style.
- The vehicle models were nice.

The bad:
- The turning feels a bit off. It feels strange the way you turn automatically around corners.
- One little graphical issue as well: the vehicle models overlap the track sometimes, especially on steep inclines and at the edges of the track. It looks a little odd.
- The race track texture looked a little low res.

Anyways, good work. It'd be nice to see this developed further.
Rating: N/A
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The good:
Race Friends was a lot of fun and characters were cool. I really loved the game and I like your music choice very much.
I liked the gameplay. Keep up the good work.

The bad:
When you get the orange item it can be very hard to see where you're going and you can never get the cherry item :(.
Rating: N/A
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Really great job with that game. Graphics were good, game control was smooth and easy, and the gameplay itself was great. I'm not even a racing game type but that was a lot of fun to play, and would really love to see more tracks, a lot more tracks lol. Great job with the way the car handle and how the physics worked for the track, driving was easy to get the hang of and really fun, plus the tracks were well made, not too hard but not easy either. Music was pretty good too. Would love to play an extended version of this, you did a great job making a fun game. 10/10
Rating: 10/10
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Pretty cool! Cute creatures too.
Rating: 2nd place
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Rating: 4th place
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Very impressive true 3D game in such a short time, cool graphics and fast pace offer replay value.
Would like to see this in future with more content, not sure if it was non violent, that red bike was bumping me the whole time.
Relatively fun to play, but mostly I'm impressed with the technical level of this game and the upside down tracks, make it feel very immersive.
But unfortunately a fatal error when selecting track after selecting a new car and driver also.
EDIT: I've been informed the bug has been fixed post JAM, good stuff Lolligirl.
Rating: 15th place
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This is a professional quality game. The race mechanics with the 3D tracks are done well, and the graphics are quite good. The effect you create when the car speeds up is very effective, and the sounds compliment this effect nicely. I had lots of fun with this. It definitely has good replay value.

The use of theme and handicap here is somewhat limited here -- like it was sort of shoehorned in. But that's OK, because we all do that at times. The main thing is the gameplay, and you guys did a great job on that.

The game closed with an "unexpected error" a couple of times, but I think that's my graphics card. This happened to me on your previous games too. I think your games might just push the graphics envelope too much for my old hardware. But most times the game runs fine, so I expect to spend more time playing it after the Jam reviews are done. Great job.
Rating: 8th place, "Best devlog"
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Some of the UI was strange. Important stuff was getting covered up by other things. The fruit seemed to have no correlation to their power. Also, I wish I didn't get the (useless?) orange each time. All it seemed to do was make it harder to see.
Rating: 5th place
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smash ball

Video review
Loved it. Even though there was an error every time you go to start a cup, and even though there aren't any cherry items, this is still a great game. I imagine the items took the hit in this time constraint. There are only two of them, and one track doesn't have any item boxes. The CPU difficulty is "You're going to win," "Challenging," or "The computer is a cheating bastard." Aside from that, for 72 hours this was a wonderful game.

I made a video of the game because I had the most fun playing this one. Had I known how weird the tracks would be, I would have done a first impression video.
Rating: 44/50, 2nd place, "Must play, "Best devlog", "How was this possible"
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the ch8t

Race Friends is a really lovely little racing game. The characters are adorable and the vibrant textures add to the overall feel. Everything about the textures seems very "Sharp." Many Indie 3-D games I have seen in the past have attempted to create a more resalistic style, but the way that the graphics of Race Friends present themselves is completly different. With the other games, I feel like I am playing the N64, but Race Friends feels completely at home in the Windows Environment.

One of the reasons I like Race Friends is its complexity. There are 8 different courses, and several characters and vehilcles. The characters add their own "spin" on the stats of the vehichles, which makes choosing a character even more difficult.

All in all, Race Friends is both Beautiful and Large, which make it an awesome game.
Rating: 2nd place
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I really enjoyed this game. You guys should continue work on it! It catered to the handicap really well in my opinion, I feel that the monsters were too loosely included though.
Great replay value, I wasn't quite sure what each fruit did (even after playing a fair bit). I love being able to pick both a monster and a car. Good job :D
Rating: 2nd place
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Graphics: Very nice. I really liked all the characters, backgrounds, and everything. The graphical effects were also outstanding. Was I the only one who noticed the reflections on the back of the tractor & train? Very clever. If I had to complain about one thing, it'd probably be the fact that occasionally, the road textures were stretched in an unsightly manner. It wasn't a big deal at all, and I only mention it here because I have no other criticisms. Overall, a nearly flawless game graphically.

Gameplay: The gameplay was pretty typical of the mario cart genre, but it was done very well. The endlessly twisting track didn't actually change the gameplay much, other than to make it interesting, but I could certainly see Snidre's experience with planetoid physics at work there. One problem is that I could never quite figure out what each powerup did. I know the watermelon did the speed boost, and the orange did the enbiggening. I don't know about any of the others. Anyway, everything else seemed fine. I liked all the maps, and they were all fairly unique, so good job on that. There was also an error, but I know you know of that, so I won't elaborate.

Audio: The music was very good on the whole, but the car sounds somewhat drowned it out, which was annoying. I think the car noises would have been better at about 50% the volume there were, as to properly review the music, I had to come to a complete stop long enough for all the other racers to lap me. Still, the music was good, and the non-car sound effects were good as well. The first time I played, there was no audio for some reason, but I read the credits, so I rebooted the game and it worked again.

Story: No story really, just a monster race. Kinda weird. Probably would have been better with a cute story to open things up, but it wasn't a big thing.

Theme/Handicap: Use of theme wasn't great, if I'm honest. I did like the idea of having different racers with different stats as well as the cars, but if I had 3 guesses as to the theme of the jam, just from this game, Monsters probably wouldn't be on there. It fit the handicap.

Overall: A very fun racing game with lovely visuals and graphical effects, but it failed to fit the theme very well, and there were on or two bugs. Still, a very fun game!
Rating: 4th place
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TheSnidr sent me a working copy. So I got to play :D

I really liked this game. I had fun. So did my little sister and little brother. It was kind of hard to stay on the track.

Quality(How well the game is made. Split into: Graphics: 5/5, Audio: 5/5, and Amount of glitches: 3/5 ): 13/15
Theme: 6/10
Handicap: 8/10
Replay Value: 8/10
Story (If there is one you get a 5. If there isn't one, you are given a score depending on how much I liked your game): 4/5
TOTAL: 39/50
Rating: 2nd place
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- idea : good !
-* > Really, really enjoyable peace of game !
Rating: 4th place
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You can't go fullscreen, and the music restarts after you exit out of the credits. However, once you get into the game, the presentation is really good. I really love the motion blur. However, the voice work isn't that good, there are some clipping issues, and the 3d doesn't have the polygons I'd prefer (but what can you expect from GameMaker?). And then an error happened after I clicked to go on to the Vegetable Cup.
Rating: 3rd place
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The graphics are cute and I like how the title background is different every time you run the game. Unfortunately, thats all I can say because starting the game throws an error and I couldnt find a working version anywhere.

Edit: I just got a PM with a link to a working version of the game. I'll post the review soon!
Rating: 9th place
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Bruin Games

Good game, although it's not original. Nice graphics, for being a jam game. The window is a little wide for my old square-shaped monitor. Follows handicap (kinda - after all you fall down from high places). Follows theme, although the monsters really has nothing to do with the actual game concept.
Rating: 8th place
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I can't say I've seen the 3d elements, and enhancement through shaders, of Race Friends in any other Game Maker game, nor imagined ever seeing them in one. A 3d racing game with curved tracks and loops in a Game Maker game? I didn't think I'd see the day. I haven't looked into many 3d examples or games with Game Maker, and the ones I have seen haven't been particularly impressive. This is certainly one of the best 3d Game Maker creations I've seen.

With that said, I felt the gameplay was lacking. It was really nothing more than a simple racing game, there wasn't anything particularly tantalizing about it. I tried the game on the hard difficulty, and I could never catch up to the other cars despite driving perfectly. I don't even know if the items would've helped. This was extremely noticeable in the second track where there weren't even any items and I was using the (I assume) fastest setup of Lilla and the Goatcycle. The way the car automatically followed the curves in the road felt a little strange, but I can see that it was probably necessary for the game to function properly.

Presentation-wise, there were minor issues. A few examples would be the street lights floating above the track in stage 2 and, in certain areas, the cars sunk slightly into the track.

The game also seemed to be lacking content. Don't get me wrong, the amount of content you were able to create for a game of this quality in 3 days is substantial. The game just didn't feel solid.

The use of theme also felt really tacked on. I feel you could've changed the "monsters" to anything and the game would've essentially remained the same.

Overall I don't feel the gameplay, amount of content, and presentation just matched the "ambition" of game. It's obvious that if you had more time to work with, it would be a very great game.
Rating: "Other favorites"
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I really love this game. The graphics are very charming, and the music is awesome. The controls feel very smooth. The tracks seem like something out of F-Zero. I had a lot of fun with this game. I'm willing to forgive a lot in a game if I'm enjoying myself. That said, the theme is there, but not really crucial to the concept. If you just changed the character sprites, the game would still feel the same. Either way, this is a serious contender for my top three. Fantastic job!
Rating: 1st place
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Rating: 5/5 stars, 7th place
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This was definitely one of my personal favourites. An insane 3D racing game using similar mechanics to some of the older Mario Karts.Packed with nostalgia. :D

Gameplay: 5/5 - The gameplay is very fun, the controls are comfortable, and the game presents good challenge on the higher difficulties.
Graphics: 5/5 - The game looks great, it's 3D, some of the tracks twist and turn in ridiculous ways, and the graphical effects were good.
Audio: 4/5 - Good use of sound effects, good music. The music wasn't created by Lolligirl/theSnidr, but music can be one of the more difficult aspects. Still, the music worked well with the game.
Theme: 5/5 - Good variety of monsters, and they all look really cool.
Handicap: 5/5 - No violence in the game.

Total: 24/25
Rating: 24/25, 2nd place
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Rating: "Must play"
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Video review
Concept: 4/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Enjoyability: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
Rating: 1st place
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I played it on another computer.
I really liked this game! One of the best racing games made with Game Maker that I've played! It was a little buggy at times, but I liked it a lot. Now if only it worked on my computer :(
Rating: 1st place
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A superb game that shows off the amazing 3D gravity engine created by thesnidr. I can't wait to see the engine put to use in other games. The game is fun, it works, and the graphics and sound are quite good. The main trouble is it gets lost in it's own awesomeness. It's half spectacular race game half cartoony mario kart game and it seems to lose the feel of the theme because of this. Especially as the monsters are only visible at the start. To summarise: Awesome game, maybe not at home with this theme.
Rating: 4/5 stars, 4th place
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The good: Excellent 3D graphics. Good music and sound effects. Great sense of speed.

The bad: Theme could have been used better.

Fasten your seatbelts because you're in for one heck of a ride in Race Friends, the most fierce yet strangely adorable racing game you'll find! In this game, you control furry monsters who will race to the death in several different cups. As you progress through the game, you unlock more characters and courses.

What stands out most from the game is the insane sense of speed. It just feels so good to maximise your speed with various fruity delights and drive as fast as possible along the insane loops and turns of each track. You can tell that I'm a huge Sonic fan from my username, but this has a better sense of speed than even the most recent Sonic games. I love it.

Each track consists of a variety of different designs, from deserts to cities to mountains. And it all looks great. The camera is always in the best possible position and the control for each vehicle is flawless (though some vehicles, such as the tractor, seem to have weaker handling but this is understandable). There are a couple of issues with collisions (with certain vehicles) but these are never a problem.

These are by far the best 3D graphics and environments I have ever seen in a GM game. All of the models look brilliant. The tracks are superbly designed. The 3D physics are top-notch. I could go on and on. Coupled with the fitting background music and sound effects which sound natural, I could easily mistake this for a commercial game. The presentation of this game is one of the best in the jam. This truly is an astonishing game to look at. The handicap of the jam is used well in this game as no violence can be found in this game. However, the theme could have been utilised in a better fashion. I would hardly call those creatures monstrous; they wouldn't harm a fly! ... Right?

Race Friends is an outstanding entry to the jam. To be honest, I wasn't really surprised as I was expecting something fantastic anyway. Thanks so much for making this.
Rating: 3rd place
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22 points out of 24
3 - Theme & Handicap
4 - Gameplay
4 - Graphics
4 - Sound FX & Music
4 - Intros, Menus, Cutscenes, in-game messaging, etc
3 - HayMan Likability
Rating: 22/24, 6th place
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Unlocked all but one car

How do two people do so much in so little time!? Ugh. The game is fun. It looks good, it sounds good... It is good. It's hard to critique it, but I am good at nitpicking , so here we go. The item boxes could look better and have better sound effects, as could collisions between the cars. When sloping uphill the cars sometimes sink into the ground. And there are only two tournaments. Nice job to you both, this is definitely the best GM racing game I have ever played.
Rating: N/A
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Detective Pixel

Use of theme: 6/10 Use of Handicap: 10/10 Graphics: 7/10 The Graphics were very cute. Like stuffed animals racing. Gameplay: 7/10 Very fun racing game, and the awesome tracks were exciting to play. Music: 7/10 The Music fit very well with the game. Story: 0/10 There was no story. :P Total Score: 6
Rating: 6/10
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Rating: 40/100
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A superb game that shows off the amazing 3D gravity engine created by thesnidr. I can't wait to see the engine put to use in other games. The game is fun, it works, and the graphics and sound are quite good. The main trouble is it gets lost in it's own awesomeness. It's half spectacular race game half cartoony mario kart game and it seems to lose the feel of the theme because of this. Especially as the monsters are only visible at the start. To summarise: Awesome game, maybe not at home with this theme.
Rating: 4/5 stars
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Amazing! It's an awesome work you two!

The graphic in this game is amazing! The 3D models, effects, and the race tracks! Wow! Just wow! I've never imagined that GM could do that! Heck, I've never even thought that anyone could make this afterall! Well yeah, I can't complain about the graphics, its already been perfect :)

The gameplay, were, same like the graphics.. fascinating. The controls went smoothly, so do the environments in this game. They were massively well designed, and I do think that this game'll win the first place.

The only thing that I don't like were probably the music. It's not the in-race music, it's the main menu music. It's some kind of old, vintage and whatnot music. I'm very sorry to say this, but thats what I thought.

Overall, this is a game that is very worth playing, it'll be your loss if you're not playing this game. Great work!
Rating: 2nd place
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