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Reviews for That Doggone Cat

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This is probably the best 3D GameMaker game that I've played. Not a high bar, to be fair, but it is. The graphics are the least eye killingly awful of any I've ever seen, which is to say that they're actually pretty OK. Not bad. I particularly liked the water sprite, but I'm probably a sucker for that kinda thing.

While I don't remember the tune very well (because I'm currently listening to other music), I remember liking the music. It fit, I suppose. It was good.

It controlled well. I didn't glitch into anything (although I believe the cat's head did clip through some scenery, but you can get that in basically any 3D game ever made so..) and I never got stuck..Except when I didn't exactly know where to go, but that only happened once and has nothing to do with how the game controlled. I didn't realize that I couldn't jump at first, because I'm so used to it. I know why I couldn't (because then I would be able to sequence break all over the place), but I did find it odd how a few enemies could jump around, but this cat can't? Pathetic cat, pathetic.

It fit the handicap, haha, not exactly surprising. I don't think I'll rant about it here, I've wrote enough about it in the actual Jam topic. It also fit the theme..I guess? I mean, it wasn't exactly Science Gone Wrong, but the bad guy did use science and it did not go as the bad guy planned--so I guess it counts.

I've put it off long enough, the story I thought was ludicrous. That monkey who is going to help you never comes back, and by the way I really would have preferred the ability to cycle through the text so I could read the story faster! Not that I'm impatient, just that I read the text a few seconds before it disappears every single time. Back to the story, if this dog is trying to prove that he's the nice one, why is he killing every single moving creature that he comes across? He still acts like he's going to show everyone that he..doesn't have bad manners?..Something like that, when we get to the arena! Come on, you've killed probably half the population in the area you're in (I was going to say "forest" but the climate does seem to change wildly here), nobody is going to like you! They're probably going to treat you as the evil cat and try to kill you. They will fail, of course, because this game's gameplay is silly in how..trivial it is. Most enemies can be defeated by standing still and mashing x. I would know, because I did this a lot at the beginning. Later, I changed to mashing x and moving slightly towards the enemies. Even the elephant is completely rendered helpless by standing still and mashing X at him. There is no challenge, except for the snowman which is slightly harder because he's the only thing that actually tries to dodge my attacks. I'm not sure why there is a living snowman in this game, or why it's the smartest enemy, but yeah. He's the only one that has any sort of challenge, and even at that it's not too terribly much. It didn't exactly make the game or anything. The arena was pathetic aswell because at that point I had sixteen carrots and I didn't have to use a single one of them. Sure, I got to low health, and was intentionally not using them just so I could point this out in my review-I'll grant you that-but still! It was completely unnecessary how much extra health I got. If you wanted the arena to be satisfying, you should have put in snowmen and monkeys. The final boss was the most pathetic of the bunch, because she flinches backwards every time you hit her. As far as I can tell, it's supposed to be a complete joke of a boss fight?? Is it? I don't know! I really don't know. It just seems too intentionally easy for it to be anything else.
Rating: 7/10
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first thing i saw was the textbot resetting after 3 seconds even if you are reading, sad thing

the music is following the game ambiance

Is it made using your fake 3d engine ?

not sure, but still nice rendering I love the perspective too

graphics: 8.5/10 very nice rendering, cell shaded and nice pixel art

sounds: 8/10 funny and adapted sound effects, and relaxing musics

gameplay: 6/10 the whole game seems really repetitive, you don't really now what you are doing and where you are going so you just keep walking on the map until you find something

some hints or sort of original "map" would be good because it gets boring after a while you just run trough every enemies to find the place

didn't had time to "finish" (don't even know if it's possible) yet it was fun to try this game

good luck with the jam
Rating: N/A
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-This was pretty cute!
-Combat was super easy. I could pretty much just walk into enemies while mashing the attack button to take no damage.
-I couldn't get these sparklies because the game would not let me walk that far south. ;_;
-I didn't have time to read the epilogue 'cause it disappeared after half a second.
Rating: N/A
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That was one of the best games that i have played in a long time
Rating: N/A
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Bruin Games

A good story and an imaginative use of theme. Pretty good gameplay. I like the combination of 2d and 3d graphics, and the idea of using animals. Really nice game.
Rating: 2nd place
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Looks like alot of time & effort put in! Nice art, cute story. Nice 3D. Very impressive for the timeframe.
Rating: 3rd place
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I have seen many 3D games made with Game Maker. Very few have managed to catch my eye due to uninteresting graphics. The Doggone Cat is one of the rare 3D games I have truely enjoyed. Not only because of the amazing graphics, but also the plot and the gameplay. This game largely deserves its 1st place.
Rating: 1st place
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Masterfully cheery, beautifully illustrated and quite fun. Top notch work, lady and gent.
Rating: 92/100, 1st place
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Masterfully cheery, beautifully illustrated and quite fun. Top notch work, lady and gent.
Rating: 92/100, 1st place
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If this game doesn't place in the top 5 I don't even know what I'll do. What is there to say? The game is cute, the sounds are adorable, and the levels are well done. You manage 3D with proper shadows, it is polished, and you even added a level editor. I'd like to see attack animations, maybe, but that's really it. I didn't play the game all the way through, but the only reason you didn't receive a full 100 was lack of challenge and because my personal preference isn't for games like this. Gosh darn, people, this is how you jam. Well done.
Rating: 91/100, 2nd place
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Great game! While it's not very challenging, it was a joy to explore, especially the intro level and first level. Around every corner, there was a new enemy that made me grin, or some funny dialogue. Really charming frogs, and I love the sound of the goats. Wonderful graphics, and the background music fits so well to the game. My only real problem was that the game tricked me into going to the next level before I wanted to and didn't let me go back.
Rating: 1st place
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This game reminded me of Paper Mario. The art style, the charming characters... it all fits together very nicely. The only problem is that there is very little gameplay in this game. I personally would have liked the game better if there was either a more involved story, or a more advanced RPG system. It would have engaged me more. My complaints about the lack of depth aside, the game is well-made and well executed, and even contains a level editor! You both put a lot of work into the game, and it shows. Good job.
Rating: 4/5 stars, 12th place
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You gotta love that voice acting! But seriously of all the games I've played so far, this is my new favorite. If there are anything that I could nit-pick at, it would be that it would be nice for some variation in the sound track, and It would have been really cool if there was an attack animation.
Rating: N/A
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mr magnus

The game was entertaining and the paper-like graphics where adorable. The classical linear gameplay mixed with RPG elements (which really where not needed) Fit the game well. The music was outstanding, but I felt the game to be a bit easy. the enemies where not fully balanced, as some where way tougher than others. The elephent was this close to killing me but I survived with half a heart left... and then died when I encountered the next frog....
Rating: 53/62, 4th place
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Rating: 88/100, 7th place
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I absolutely loved the pun in the name! Didn't see too many people commenting on the name - so there, just had to say that. Beautifully presented with a few rough edges here and there with the 3D, simplistic but very effective gameplay, amazing graphics, great choice of music, and probably the best possible use of the handicap with that awesome story - this is one of the sure toppers this jam. The cons in my eyes would be the lack of an attack animation, and the slightly repetative attack-button mashing gameplay. The level builder was a nice touch though. Overall, another ideal jam entry!
Rating: 86/100, 4th place
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This game feels very complete and I did like the story. Fun game for a while.. kept me busy for 15 minutes btw what is leveling up for? anyway, the game's art is amazingly polished, and I don't think you could improve much, but i would say if you could jump out to places it would be much more open world and fun to play!
Rating: 84/100, 2nd place
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Awesome job! Very fun and I played till the end, then went back to my last save point and played again to get a better score. The music fit very well, and I enjoyed the sound effects too.
Rating: 1st place
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At first, the game is nice to play. Graphically pleasing, nice sounds, nice dialogue. However, it quickly becomes tedious, and by the 5th level there is simply no motivation to continue. Finally, the finale is extremely anti-climactic. Could be big with more content and levels.
Rating: N/A
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2.5 Stars (out of 3). Brilliant showcase of GM's 3D functionality, graphics where fantastic and the level of polish was exceptional. But you cut the story short and now I'l never find out what happened to the Dog/Cat thing, HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO SLEEP AT NIGHT? *Derme's award for best use of 3D* (Star: Entered, Star: Handicap and Theme Applied, Star: It has a level editor, need I saw more?, Minus Half-Star: Cutting the story short).
Rating: 2.5/3 stars, 1st place
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Very fun! It kept me playing till the end. I really liked the graphics and sound effects (Why did the snowmen sound the same as the chimps?)
Rating: 85/100, 1st place
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Cute story, music and GFX

Lots to do.

Only grumbles are the attack mechanic and those damn mountain goats.
Rating: 87/100, 5th place
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VERY nice! I don't have anything really bad to say! Amazing!
Rating: 1st place
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Great graphics, and very amusing sound effects and stuff. But ultimately it's pretty bland gameplay, so I stopped after a while. Bonus points for crashing on the second time I started it, causing lolligirl's "mew mew mew" to constantly go and taking me forever to figure out how to stop it.
Rating: 85/100, 13th place
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Monstr Gaming

Excellent game up until the glitchy snow (at least I assume it was a glitch). I loved the paper mario style graphics and the music helpd show a gentle atmosphere, I found the health sound, when you eat carrots, really annoying though. It was nice to go about jus casually killing animals and levelling up although as far as I'm aware levelling up didn't do anything. The way the theme was used was interesting but the storyline wasn't intersting. When the elephent appeared that almost scared the livng daylights out of me (big thing appearing like that...) so when I realised it was easy to defeat, I killed it, picked up the key went through the door. Then this glitch with the snow came, I couldn't see anything so I just quit. Maybe it was meant to be like that but I didn't bother playing further because of it. The game stuck to theme and the handicap.
Rating: N/A
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The game seemed nice enough up until I reached the goats. By the time I got past them my health was at about 5%. The combat system in general is glitchy and odd looking. I kept dying in the places that came after the goats so I really couldn't progress further(the game saved after my health was lowered). So, yeah... a nice game, anyway, it fit the theme, and as far as I know it fit the handicap as well. So points for you there.
Rating: N/A
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I'm glad I finally had the chance to play this. I loved the Paper Mario-styled 3D visuals. I also loved the use of animals! Very few games nowadays use an entire character cast with just animals. The music was very soothing and dare I say.. cute as was everything else in this game! This is my favorite game of the Jam!
Rating: 1st place
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